The resources, expertise, and resolve to meet every challenge.

The Hilliard & Shadowen team has extensive courtroom experience, so we know how to meet the challenges of complex cases. We have the resources, knowledge and professional expertise to achieve the best possible results.

Our People


Steve Shadowen

Steve Shadowen is a founding partner at Hilliard & Shadowen LLP and specializes in economic justice and civil rights. Over his extensive career, he has been lead counsel in numerous groundbreaking cases.


Robert Hilliard

Attorney Robert C. Hilliard has been practicing law in the state of Texas for nearly 30 years, gaining national recognition for his work on many high-profile cases. He established Hilliard Muñoz Gonzales LLP in 1985 and Hilliard & Shadowen LLP in 2012.


Catherine Hilliard

Catherine Hilliard focuses her practice on significant mass tort and multifaceted commercial litigation.


Jack A. Staph

Jack Staph has more than 40 years of experience litigating and advising clients in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, collective bargaining and employment litigation.


Richard Brunell

Richard Brunell's area of expertise is antitrust law and the protection of competition and consumer rights. 


Matthew C. Weiner

Matthew Weiner works primarily on antitrust class-action litigation. His experience includes antitrust law and economics as applied in the pharmaceutical industry.


D. Sean Nation

Sean Nation has been litigating complex claims for nearly a decade with an emphasis on protecting the public from harmful corporate practices.


Frazar Thomas

Frazar Thomas focuses on complex civil and criminal litigation involving financial institutions and large corporations.


Nicholas W. Shadowen

Nicholas Shadowen works on cutting edge issues in antitrust class-action litigation and human rights litigation.



Jako Garos

Director of Economic Forensics

Jako Garos calls on his diverse marketing and research background to provide well-rounded economic and social interpretation for the firm's complex cases.