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Court Bars Removal of Cheaper Alzheimer’s Drug

The Court Of Appeals for the Second Circuit has endorsed the antitrust "product hopping" theory that was pioneered by Hilliard & Shadowen founder Steve Shadowen and others. Shadowen co-authored a leading academic study of the issue and was trial counsel for plaintiffs in the first district court case that accepted the theory. Hilliard & Shadowen authored the amicus curia brief on behalf of the American Antitrust Institute in the Second Circuit case.

Judge rules Border Patrol chief should remain in lawsuit concerning fatal shooting by agents

A lawsuit over the fatal shooting of a Mexican immigrant accused of throwing rocks at Border Patrol agents is moving forward, not only against the two agents at the scene, but against the chief of the U.S. agency.

A San Diego federal court judge ruled to keep Chief Michael J. Fisher in the lawsuit earlier this month. It marks a rare instance of a supervisor of his stature being legally held to answer for the actions of his subordinates in a wrongful death case.

Ranbaxy Accused Of Filing Deceptive Drug Applications

Law360 -- Michigan-based retailer Meijer Inc. on Tuesday launched a putative class action in Massachusetts federal court accusing Ranbaxy Inc. of recklessly stuffing generic drug approval queues with deceptive applications in an effort to block or delay competitors from coming to market.

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Chief of Border Patrol

Lawyers at Corpus Christi, Texas based Hilliard Munoz & Gonzalez, and at Austin, Texas based Hilliard & Shadowen LLP applaud the decision issued today by the federal district court in San Diego, California regarding the U.S. Border Patrol’s unlawful Rocking Policy.  Under that policy, border patrol agents along the southern border were permitted to treat the alleged throwing of rocks at them as lethal force, regardless of the circumstances, and to shoot to kill in return.

Steve Shadowen Argues Before Third Circuit in Chocolate Price Fixing Case

Steve Shadowen argues on behalf of plaintiffs before Third Circuit Court of Appeals in chocolate price fixing case.