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Steve Shadowen Answers Call to Help Save C.A.M.P. For Migrants

Mr. Shadowen spoke at his alma mater, St. Edward University, during the school's Milestone Event, which united 130 students with 51 scholarship donors. Mr. Shadowen encouraged alumni and friends of the University to get involved in ensuring the survival of the College Assistance Migrant Program.

Steve Shadowen Discusses Antitrust Implications of Product Hopping

Steve Shadowen served as a panel member at an event put together by the American Bar Association's Section on Antitrust law, discussing how antitrust courts should address cases challenging product hopping practices. 

Top Brass Sued in Fatal Border Shooting

San Diego — A federal lawsuit over the fatal shooting of a Mexican immigrant accused of throwing rocks at a Border Patrol agent is going after not only the agent who pulled the trigger, but some of the agency’s highest-ranking officials at the time, alleging they failed to address excessive force concerns over such “rocking” incidents along the border.

The use-of-force issue has generated a firestorm of public opinion in recent years. Civil rights advocates, Mexico’s government and a law enforcement research group have urged the Border Patrol to refrain from lethal force when faced with rock throwers, while agents in the field contend they need to protect themselves in what is often a dangerous job.