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Happy Jubilee Day!

Next week marks the sesquicentennial of the “Surrender of Mechanicsburg,” it being the norther-most town to surrender to Confederate troops during the Civil War.  

Austin-based law firm Hilliard Shadowen, LLC at front of U.S. Supreme Court decision

After a 13-year legal battle, today the Supreme Court of the United States definitively rejected, in a 5 – 3 ruling, pharmaceutical manufacturers’ claim that they are immune from antitrust laws when they pay generic drug manufacturers not to compete.

SPOTLIGHT: Attorney Steve Shadowen: Supreme Court Says Drug Makers Can Be Sued Over “Pay-for-Delay”

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators can sue drug companies for antitrust violations when brand-name drug makers pay generic competitors to keep cheaper, rival copies of a drug off the market, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.