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Austin-based law firm Hilliard Shadowen, LLC at front of U.S. Supreme Court decision

After a 13-year legal battle, today the Supreme Court of the United States definitively rejected, in a 5 – 3 ruling, pharmaceutical manufacturers’ claim that they are immune from antitrust laws when they pay generic drug manufacturers not to compete.

SPOTLIGHT: Attorney Steve Shadowen: Supreme Court Says Drug Makers Can Be Sued Over “Pay-for-Delay”

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators can sue drug companies for antitrust violations when brand-name drug makers pay generic competitors to keep cheaper, rival copies of a drug off the market, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

Pay-for-delay ruling will bring more antitrust litigation

(Reuters) – When the U.S. Supreme Court issues its ruling on payments by brand-name drug companies to generic rivals to keep cheaper products off the market, many experts expect a complex analysis to emerge.

Texas’ Tort Reform law called unfair

HMG’s (Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP) Bob Hilliard was interviewed regarding Tort Reform and how that has changed the life of Connie Spears, who 2010 lost both legs as a result of an ER misdiagnosis.