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Case Name: In re: Loestrin 24 Fe Antitrust Litigation

Docket No.: 1:13-md-02472


filed:April 5, 2013

court:U.S. District Court, District of Rhode Island

The Loestrin case was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on April 5, 2013. After proceedings before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, this case is currently pending in the District of Rhode Island. Loestrin 24 Fe is an oral contraceptive.

The Loestrin complaint alleges that defendants engaged in anticompetitive conduct—entering into a so-called “pay for delay” agreement—which prevented a less expensive generic equivalent of Loestrin 24 Fe from entering the market for more than to four years. The complaint further alleges that after paying to delay generic competition, the makers of Loestrin 24 Fe used the time to convert prescriptions of Loestrin 24 Fe to their other branded products, such as Lo Loestrin Fe and Minastrin 24 Fe. Due to the defendants’ unlawful agreements, health plans and consumers were overcharged hundreds of millions of dollars more for Loestrin 24 Fe.